Technical Expertise
Technical Expertise
  • Engineering geological and geomorphological mapping and survey
  • Numerical modeling of single and multi-scale hazard scenarios
  • Remote sensing data analysis (terrestrial, aerial & space-borne platforms)
  • Regional to local scale, single to multi-hazard risk assessments
  • Institutional support for disaster risk management plans and SOPs
  • Analysis, design and dimensioning of hazard mitigation measures

  • Design of hazard monitoring information systems
  • Design of early warning strategy
  • Support in formulating SOPs for early warning actions (Alarm, evacuation, contingency, preparedness)

  • Technical training and capacity development in hazard and risk management
  • Expert advice and second opinions for third party project implementation and interventions

  • Project inception, management and implementation
  • Scientific and technical research services

Project partners and clients since 2010:

SDC Swiss development and Cooperation
FOCUS Humanitarian Assistance
Aga Khan Development Network
HELVETAS Switzerland
MEDAIR Switzerland

ASTRA (Swiss Federal Roads Office)
BAFU (Swiss Federal Office for Environment)
SECO (State Secretariat for Economic Affairs)
TBA Graubünden (Roads Department Canton Graubünden)
AfWN Graubünden (Department of Forests and Natural Hazards, Canton Graubünden)
Abteilung Wald und Naturgefahren, Glarus (Section Forests and Natural Hazards, Canton Glarus)
Divisione dell'ambiente, Sezione Forestale, Ticino (Section Forests, Canton Tessin)
TBA Schwyz (Roads Department Canton Schwyz)
AfWN Schywz (Department of Forests and Natural Hazards, Canton Schywz)
Immobiliendienst Luzern (Building Services, Canton Luzern)

Gamma Remote Sensing and Consulting Ltd
BSF Swiss Photo
Louis Ingenieurgeologie
Emch+Berger AG
Geoformer igp AG
Fellmann Geotechnik GmbH
CSD Engineers
Monitron AG
Ellegi SA
Egen Consultants
Pöyry AG
AF Consult
Bononomi AG

RWTH (Rheinisch-Westfälische Technische Hochschule Aachen)
OST Ostschweizer Fachhochschule
IGT Institute for Geotechnical Engineering, ETH Zurich 
WSL Swiss Federal Institute for Forest Snow and Landscape Research
SLF Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research