What do we do?
What do we do?


  • Regional to local hazard and risk assessments
  • Numerical modeling of multi-scale hazard scenarios
  • Analysis and design (dimensioning) of hazard mitigation measures
  • Design of early warning interventions and strategy
  • Prevention, preparedness and contingency planning
  • Expert advice and second opinions for third party project implementation and interventions

Technical monitoring and early warning

  • Hazard monitoring information systems
  • Early warning system design, implementation and operation
  • Earth observation from ground-based and satellite remote sensing (TLS, ALS, GBInSAR, Portable radar interferometry, UAV and satellite optical imagery analysis)

Management, Research and Training

  • Project management, inception and implementation
  • Scientific and technical research services
  • Technical training and capacity development in DRM and hazard management

Terrasense supports disaster risk management activities and cooperates with state and federal government departments,  agencies, international and local NGOs, universities and private companies on a global level.